The restaurant "La Torre di Pretoro" was restored in 1998. The Perseo Camillo and D ’Innocenzo Concettina family and their three sons Riccardo, Augusto and Antony, have given the town a corner of real beauty. The restoration was done using materials of ancient origin.

IThe restaurant can accommodate up to 60 people, part of the seats on the ground floor and part on the first floor of the restaurant.

SThe room is accessed by a staircase carved into the living rock; on the first floor the “Miravalle” Room (20 seats); on the ground floor the main hall "a cielo di Carrozza" (20 seats) and at the back the characteristic room "la Grotta" (20 seats), where the rock was carved by hand. roccia viva; al primo piano la Sala “Miravalle” ( 20 posti ); al pian terreno la sala principale “a cielo di Carrozza” ( 20 posti ) e in fondo la caratteristica Sala “la Grotta” ( 20 posti ), dove la roccia fu scavata a mano.

D’In the summer it is possible to sit on the terrace to enjoy and admire the view, drawn by the colorful roofs of Pretoro and the distant blue of the Adriatic Sea.

Since July 2022 it has been managed by Salvatore Patrizia and Salvatore Claudio with the aim of preserving and improving style, cuisine and quality while respecting local tradition.

I nostri ospiti vengono coccolati dall’ambiente e deliziati dai nostri piatti, lasciando una indimenticabile sensazione di benessere.

Our aim is to enhance and enhance the territory and its flavors and we work hard every day to do it at its best.

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